Friday, September 12, 2008

Time for a holiday

It has been such a busy couple of weeks. Rupes and I took a three day break last weekend and spent it demolishing the old fence between us and the neighbours, and building a new one. It was a big job...but the good news is that the new fence now means the dogs pretty much stay in their yard with no escapes! Which will be good news for our neighbours who kindly take our mutts to their place for the day.

Work has been really busy - which is all good, but has meant a few extra hours this week. We were getting ready to leave for work this morning (Friday) for our last days at the office. It was raining (what's new) so I grabbed Toby and we ran out to the carport, where the dogs live on wet days. I forgot the crossbar above the carport gate...and smack! Across the top of my nose, and my right eye and upper cheekbone. Wonderful. Nice bruising, a wee bit of a shiner. What a great start to my day! more sleep and we will be winging our way to Queenstown. Very excited, and looking forward to catching up on some sleep, seeing a friend or two, and exploring NZ's own winter wonderland. It will be nice just to hang out with Rupert too - this month marks our tenth year together and our eighth wedding anniversary, so what better way to celebrate that than a nice room at a swanky hotel :-)


Blogger Topcat said...

Hey ... thinking of you, in beautiful Queenstown! Hope you're both having an awesome time!! Did you go on the luge?


3:01 PM  

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