Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Light Relief

Hubby and I last night - all green and ready for my work party. A fun night - though as we were both rather sober we got tired a little more quickly than everyone else! Two showers later and I am still slightly green! The theme was "Oscars" and we even had a paparazzi crowd to scream at us as we walked up the red carpet. Some great costumes and a lot of very glamorous women (myself excluded) who would not have looked amiss in the real Hollywood!

We were home by 12.30, unlike someone who will remain nameless (Kiri!) who got back to our place just before 5am this morning. And then made sure we knew she was home! I'll forgive her tho as she bought me a McDonald's BLT on her way to work. Reminder to self - do not let Kiri stay next year!

Today's number is up again. From 4288 on Wednesday to 4493 today. So, a slight climb, but all I can think is that at least it is going in the right direction. We are booked in for a scan next Tuesday afternoon. Prayers and thoughts would be much appreciated.

We have some old friends coming to stay this weekend - and they are bringing with them our godson, Harrison. I can't wait. I am so tired, but it will be so neat to finally meet him (he's about five months old) and get some cuddles in.
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Blogger Karen said...

Love the costumes!!!! ;-)

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