Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's hard not to worry...

Monday's HCG - 2430
Wednesday's HCG - 3046

So, it's gone up, but it definately hasn't doubled. I've done some googling and posting to the girls at alt.infertility and found that HCG levels can slow down, or level off a bit. At this stage, I'm just trying not to worry and trying to take comfort in the fact that it went up at all - remembering that Monday's test was 72 hours rather than 48.

I took Katie to the park (in the rain) and kicked the ball around for her. I asked myself if I regretted telling anyone about this pregnancy at this early stage, given that so much can go wrong. I decided that even if this pregnancy goes no further, I am still joyful about the miracle that I am pregnant at all, and I am gonna damn well enjoy it! And take comfort in the fact that my boobs still hurt, I still feel unwell, and for all intents and purposes I still feel pregnant.

Next blood test on Friday. Hoping. Praying. Wishing. I'm not giving up!


Anonymous CAT said...

Hoping, wishing and praying along with ya babe! Dont take every number too much too heart, you'll be certifiable by the birth!! Lots of kisses and hugs from Perth XX CAT

1:35 AM  
Anonymous CAT said...

He he and I wrote that whilst I was wrapping up a Christmas present for you!!! Hahaha... :o) CAT

1:37 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Try not to worry, though I know that is hard. You're past 4 weeks, and beta doubling times do start to slow down about now. It's a positive thing that you are feeling sick, your boobs are sore and so on. That's the one time in your life where that's a really, really good thing. :-)

4:19 AM  

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