Thursday, December 13, 2007

Midnight Worry

Woke up with a start at midnight - a strong painful cramp in my belly. Laid there for a moment till it passed - checked in the bathroom and a very small show of blood. I spent the night up in the spare room so I could be near the other bathroom if needed and so Rupes could get some sleep (our bathroom in our bedroom is a wee cupboard beside the bed, with a noisy sliding door - so no way of sneaking in there!)

I thought about how much I want this baby. And how I hope, against everything that is against us, that it is going to hang in there. I even laid my hand on my tummy and talked to him/her. I said that if you really have to leave, it's ok, but if you can possibly stay around that would be wonderful.

Surprisingly, I slept well. A small staining when I got up, but nothing now. I feel calm. There is nothing I can do to change the outcome of this, so I am working on acceptance.


Blogger Karen said...

Try not to stress out to much, yeah, I know, it's easy for met to say that!! The cramp may have just been a sign that your womb is growing and expanding. From memory, some of those cramps can be quite intense. Also, it's not abnormal to get some cramping and blood around the time your period would have been due.


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