Friday, August 03, 2007

Boy Free Weekend

It's been a tough week - as an accountant, month end is always a mission, so I had a couple of very stressy busy days. DH is off to Taupo with a few friends this weekend to run the Taupo Half Marathon, so I am planning a "me" weekend. Kicking off on Saturday with a spa treatment (facial etc) at a swanky Spa - thanks to my buddies in the US who sent me a voucher for my birthday. Then coffee with the wife of one of those going down for the half marathon.

I started my nightschool class last Monday - sewing made easy. Just ten of us (including one guy who thought he was going to learn to mend clothes hehe)...oh no, that's not what we are doing! We are making something. So, we covered fabric, how to read a pattern etc on Monday and were sent off to buy a pattern and material to make ourselves. So, I've got some pretty patterned brown and cream material, and a skirt pattern (with a zipper no less!) My homework over the weekend is to lay the pattern out and pin it to the material and take it along on Monday for inspection by the teacher!

I also had a wee spend up and bought new curtains, duvet covers and sheets etc for the two "guest rooms" here - Cat (sis in law) and a friend are coming to stay in November so I am making their rooms as pretty as I can. So, I'll be hanging curtains and making beds too! And I fully intend to have at least one long afternoon nap, and watch at least two movies that I have recorded this week!

On the fertility front, nothing much to report. One more month to go, so it will be a big push to getting as healthy as humanly possible before we start our cycle.

I was reading the local paper this afternoon and there was an ad in there for a Permanent Placement for an 11 month old boy. Something about it really pulled at it's a possiblity we will have to look at after the next (and last) IVF. Maybe, given the awful child abuse stats down here in NZ it would be best to foster (with a view to permanent adoption) and give a child a home he/she would otherwise not have? Lots to work through there, but something about that ad did speak to me.

Right. Dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant shortly before DH deserts me in the morning and leaves me caring for our menagerie!


Blogger Heather said...

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and your pampering. Thanks for the comment on my blog too about the boy up for placement. It's things like that that make me wonder which path I'm meant to take.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

There is nothing wrong with having a 'me' weekend...hope you enjoyed it!!! :-)

A teacher that I work with, gave me a certificate for a massage as a thankyou gift. I'm off to have it next Wednesday...boy, do I need it!

5:48 PM  

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