Sunday, October 15, 2006

Paula The Quokka Hunter

This is a Quokka - on Rottnest Island. They are pretty tame there, and this one was hanging around our table at the Dome Coffee Shop. I finally downloaded the pics off my camera from Perth today - and this was one of them. Rupes took to calling me "Paula the Quokka Hunter" as I couldn't get enough of the cute wee things!

We've had a couple of really good productive weekends in the garden, clearing away lots of mess, putting in hose connections down at the vege garden, planting lots of seeds, marigolds under the trees out the front, and planting up my double concrete laundry tub with strawberries. Yumm. Can't wait for those babies to fruit. We've been steadily picking and eating fresh broad beans, and have spinach and rhubarb in abundance. I've planted out a lot of tomatoes, cherry and roma, and eggplants, watermelon, rockmelon, carrots, salad greens and radishes. Hopefully a good Christmas crop!

It's been nice to get some things done - and the very long list is steadily being ticked off. I think I am in a "nest building" phase - it's just nice to spend some time at home without worrying about treatments or IVF or feeling rotten/sad/down! But, we do have some options ahead of us, and all will be revealed soon. Posted by Picasa


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