Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just a week to go...

Starting to get a little nervous now - been reading a lot about what to expect and have probably slightly terrified myself! This Friday we go see the nurse and get taught the injections and given the drugs to take home, and then next Wednesday we start the injections themselves.

An infertility newsgroup I post to has been helpful in some ways as there are other women going through IVF - a couple are slightly ahead of me. Both of them have now had their embryo transfers and are waiting the two weeks to see if they are pregnant. It's a painful wait for them, and a little for me - for some reason I think if they succeed I will too! Silly I know as we are all different and having IVF because of different reasons for the infertility. However, it's a good resource of women who have been through this and other treatments, and they definately seem to know their stuff!

I'll think we'll just be really glad to get on with it next week, and at the same time am answering all social invitations with a cautious "I'll see how I feel". I'm a little nervous of some of the side effects of the drugs, so am planning as relaxing and stressfree a time as possible!

More on Friday after our appointment!

Paula (and Rupes)


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