Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 months!

Am kinda pinching myself - 8 months pregnant today! Wow. Time has gone quite quickly in some ways, but I get the feeling the next few weeks will pass very very slowly.

Had my doctors appointment today - they did a scan and baby girl is engaged - officially D2 and apparently D4 is full labour, so she's in a great position. Fluid and all is very good, and my blood test results are all good too (iron, platelets etc).

So...just a few more weeks. I had a very uncomfortable day on Sunday with lots of Braxton Hicks which would have been her moving down into the pelvis - I honestly thought I might have gone into early labour then, but she is holding on and doing great :-)

Been a busy week or so - office lunches, Christmas Party, our ante natal get together - I'm looking forward to a few quiet days off over Christmas to enjoy this last little time!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What is to come...

I can't quite believe that in just a few short weeks this part of the journey will be over and we will be meeting our wee girl for the first time. I laid awake last night, feeling her wriggle and kick inside me, thinking about what it is going to be like meeting her, holding her, feeding her, dressing her.

I worry about being a good mother, about doing the right things for her. Having the patience to play her games over and over again. Having the stamina to keep up with her when she is toddling. About always having time to cuddle her and love her and let her know she is the most important part of our lives.

I think a lot about what I want for her, for her childhood. I want her to be secure, to be loved. I want her to have her fairyland where things are beautiful and sweet and happy for as long as possible. I want her to be my friend, as well as my daughter. I want her and her father to have a bond that goes beyond him being just Daddy, to him being the man she most looks up to and admires. I hope that she will come to us with any problems or concerns. I hope that she is happy and fulfilled and finds her way in life easily. I want to protect her from pain, though I know that's not always possible. I want her to be her own person - to be strong and confident and able to make those tough decisions that face us all in our teens.

I love her already. And if love is enough, then we will be just fine.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

34 Weeks...

Another week has ticked by - time feels like it is going really quickly now. Saw the obstetrician on Monday - he is happy with progress and baby is looking good - he did say again that they would be monitoring me very closely from 36 weeks due to my age and possible complications. He talked about degraded placentas and pre eclampsia, but so far everything is fine and I have a good amount of fluid. I've still only gained 4.5 kilos, but she is growing well, so I guess that's the main thing! He also said they definately wouldn't let me go beyond term so our baby will be here in a maximum of six weeks. Oh gosh! Now that sounds scary!

I've pretty much given up sleeping with hubby - we start off reading and then when it's sleep time I take my pillows upstairs to the spare room. Much more comfy - I can spread out with pillows on each side and if I do wake up I can turn the light on and read myself to sleep again. Had some pretty broken nights as I get bigger and the heat we have had lately doesn't help. It does mean he can get some sleep though without me disturbing him 5 or 6 times a night for pee stops or pillow arrangement or reflux!

All is good. Really good. I did think I was going into labour last night when I had a long series of Braxton Hick's and a sore back, but am back to normal again this morning! It may have just been the heat, or the long week. Our wee girl is still very active and the other day I actually held her wee foot through my stomach. Very odd - and she might be ticklish cos she wiggled while I was holding it!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Where did my ankles go?

I had the first few days of swollen feet and ankles - most uncomfortable! It's been a busy couple of weeks - we had Rupert's work Xmas party, a visit to Christmas Wonderland with my work, month end at the office for me, a lot of disturbed nights, and just generally lots on (New Moon with Jo at Gold Class was a highlight!). It's also been quite humid and warm which doesn't help so much with either the swelling or the sleeping! Still, happy to have ticked off 33 weeks yesterday!

Gave myself a huge scare yesterday afternoon - slipped on the stairs and landed quite heavily on my butt - once I'd got my breath back I felt ok, but got into bed anyway. Was feeling quite shaky and then decided to get out of bed only to have this awful pain right down in my abdomen. Baby was kicking and I checked her heartbeat and it was all fine - but rang the obstetrician on call anyway and he thought it was just my ligaments being stretched from the sudden bump. An hour or two in bed with a hot wheat bag and I was fine, and feeling good today. And slept through last night for the first time in weeks, so that helps me feel a lot better!

Our flatmate, Murray, moved out yesterday. We're going to miss him, but at the same time as baby gets closer it will be good to have the extra room for visitors or for me to sleep in when I am unsettled, and a lot quieter for him with a baby crying all hours of the day and night. So I have been told anyway :-) He's been a huge help though, and is such a good mate, so he will be missed.

We covered breast feeding at ante natal class last week - really interesting, and I am definately hoping I am one of those who is able to breast feed easily. We shall see!

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