Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A whole month...

A whole month has passed since my last post! Where does the time go? We've had a busy wee time - some awful weather, so it's been muddy wet dogs and muddy wet me! Katie, the retriever, loves mud and water so most walks end up with her being hosed off. Jack, the lab, doesn't really like water and mud very much but will follow Katie - and he HATES being hosed. It's about the only time he makes any noise...pathetic whimpers while you shower him. He had his wee op last week and is all fine, and should now officially be called Jill as he hasn't got any balls anymore!

On Sunday I watched Rupes (the hubby) and Murray (the mate) run a half marathon. It was Rupe's first and he ran it in 1 hour, 58 minutes and 5 seconds! I was waiting by the beach when they were finishing and thought at first I had missed seeing Murray run past - but no, Rupes had actually beaten him. He's awfully chuffed with himself and I will not mention that Murray has about a decade in age on him! A group of them are off down to Taupo in a couple of weeks to run another half marathon (isn't one enough!!!) but I shall be staying at home and having a quiet weekend with the dogs and cats...

Given the weather and the amount of running hubby is doing, we bought a treadmill. On Friday I went out to pick it up from near the airport - it was in a HUGE box, and I ended up driving home (in rush hour traffic) with my knees up around my ears and about an inch of space between me and the steering wheel! However, despite that painful drive, it is a great treadmill and I got quite enthusiastic on Saturday and even did a few little runs on it. It was pitiful that I was the one hobbling and complaining my legs hurt on Sunday while the boys had just finished a 21km run! Oh well, everyone has got to start somewhere. Unfortunately the dogs won't run on it so we'll have to keep walking them - despite the rain and wind! I tried popping Jack on it but he just rolled off the end...quite funny really!

On the fertility front, nothing to report. Still taking my herbs, trying to eat well, exercise, etc...and am still looking at September for our cycle. Some days I feel quietly calm about the whole thing, and other days I am in the depths of despair. It's interesting though, even when I am feeling serene and calm, I get a jolt of grief and realise that yes, I am going to be so very sad if it doesn't work. And from there lies despair...and then natural optimism kicks back in and I am back to calm and serene! On the days of despair I hate to watch the news, just in case there is a neglected baby, or a starving African child, or a child abuse case - those make me think the whole world is terribly unfair and usually lead to tears. It's strange when you are the infertile person, how personally you take any news about babies or young children. I want to go out there and pick up all those children who are being treated badly and take them home with me!

Oh...and this weekend is a very exciting one - Harry Potter is being released. We'll be there at 11am picking up our books (we have to have one each, saves fights!) and I am planning a very quiet weekend of reading. I promise not to spoil it for anyone!


Blogger Heather said...

Thanks for the update. I've started ignoring the news except for the weather. I used to look at the news online and see those sad stories of abused children. I can't take it anymore. I just completely ignore it. Good luck in September.

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