Sunday, December 03, 2006

Egg Donor Update

Well...time for an update! It's been a busy time with arranging finance and valuations for our new house, figuring out what we need to finish at our old house so we can sell it in the New Year, and work has been crazy busy! And of course, the silly season is starting, so work parties, friends parties and Christmas shopping has to be done. Thank goodness Christmas is only once a year!

When Nic had her first blood test her FSH level was slightly high. This is the "ovarian reserve" measurement, and as it was high, they decided to repeat the test and also do a scan. The scan showed that Nic, when stimulated, would probably only produce 5-7 eggs. The same amount I produced in my own last cycle with only one ovary. I'm so grateful she went through the tests and scan for us, but we've decided not to use an egg donor and try again with my own eggs. I think Nic is relieved (and I know I would be) not to have to do all those injections! But the offer she made was so wonderful I can't help but appreciate it, and we do thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

So. Where to next? Well, we've decided to have a break of a month or two while we get everything done we need to, and Christmas out of the way. Not to mention moving to our new place, and selling this one! Then, I am seeing a new doctor who uses a slightly different protocol of drugs which may have a good result in me. If we then decide to go ahead with him, I'll be adding acupuncture and naturopathy to the mix, in the hope of producing some great eggs, and being able to hold onto them after transfer. This is definately our last shot, and right now I feel comfortable with that. I can't say I'm resigned to never being a mother - I'm not sure that hurt will ever fade if we don't have a good result, but I'm practical enough to know that we have to stop at some point and get on with living with what we have.

So, that's the news. And now it's time to get outside, strip the windowframe, fill the holes and repaint it :-)


Blogger ellie said...

That is so nice that your friend offered-- just that in itself is priceless. I mean how many people are that selfless, to do that- knowing it completes a family.

I can understand the switching REs and protocols-- all good and I hope the best for you- we have done just the same thing. I feel like when we start this journey we just take what the REs say for gospel and don't realise we have other options and protocols that other REs many do but the one we pick does not. Good luck with the house- the new one is lovely.

5:33 AM  
Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

HI Pixxiee- I'm glad you updated. I've been thinking of you. I'm sorry that the donor route didn't go exactly as hoped for. I'm sure you're disappointed. It is wonderful taht you had that option to explore. What a great friend.

I'm happy to hear that you are still moving forward with your own eggs. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about you and your upcoming cycle. In the mean time, enjoy the holiday season, your new home and a new doctor. Interesting that you, Ellie and I have all moved on to new RE's.

New starts, fresh hopes and a wonderful 2007 to come.

5:56 AM  

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