Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Nope, not cos I am bored, but because I am tired! We moved to our new house on the weekend, spent Saturday unpacking, and then three days back at our old place finishing it up and getting it ready to go on the market. All good fun - but all very very tiring! In addition, we are having a spell of muggy steamy weather, and it's just unpleasant. On the good side, our new place is great. We haven't had an awful lot of time here, but what we've had we have definately liked. There's something a wee bit magic about this house, despite all it's faults. I feel very peaceful here :-)

Of course, having three days off to move and renovate has left me a wee bit behind at work, but I should be caught up by the end of the week. I get the feeling this is going to be a very busy year at the office, it's certainly starting out that way, so I think I shall have to be very careful about how I organise my time. This weekend we have probably one more day of work at our old place, before we can spend two lovely days (it's a long weekend here) playing at the new one. Nice thought!

I've been thinking a lot about babies. My workmate has just had the most gorgeous wee girl, and seeing photos of her makes me think about it. Lots. Like I ever really stopped thinking about it huh? So, I think the plan of action will be to get through till the end of February - I have a week in Australia for work, my birthday (the big 40 ugh) and the auction of our old house, and then we start planning again. One more IVF - but this time definately assisted by acupuncture and a naturopath - I have two really strong recommendations of guys to see, so that's encouraging. I have this feeling that if we don't try once more, we'll always regret it...and what is life for but taking chances?

On the other side of our life, Katie is ... well she is driving us nuts. We have the terrible two's in dog years. When she is good she is very very good and when she is bad she is horrid. It's quite funny in a way - you tell her off and she wags her cute little tail at you and it's very hard to stay stern. Somehow, giggling when you are telling her off doesn't quite cut it! Mostly she is good, but she seems to get these moods where she just goes a little nutso. I know she'll get over it, but it is a bit wearing right now with both of us being so tired. The cats were a bit freaked out by the move, but have gradually worked their way out of "their" room and have had their first outside excursion tonight. And they came back, so that's all good! They must like the food!

Over and out for now - this must be the most boring blog of all time, but hopefully we'll get some good IVF action going soon!


Blogger Mony said...

Hi Paula! Popped in to catch up!

11:24 PM  
Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

Thinking of you! Hope all is well!

-Faith (AKA KAC)

7:18 AM  

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