Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eight months...

Grace turned eight months old a couple of days ago. She just keeps getting more and more fun - into everything, can't leave her on the floor for a minute anymore - she's crawling all over! Still the commando crawl, rather than the fully upright type. She has decided that the base of her exersaucer is a fun place to be - and is spending a lot of time trying to pull herself up to standing - usually using my legs or Rupert's! She's eating really well -three solid meals a day plus snacks plus her milk so no problem with her appetite! She works it all off very quickly as she is so active!

I had a bit of a treat last weekend - Rupert sent me and a good mate of mine (Liza was my bridesmaid at our wedding!) to a hotel in the city for a night. We had a lovely time - walked around the city in the rain, had a nap, a gorgeous dinner, a little too much wine, and we were in our beds by 9.30pm. It was lovely. Just to sleep and relax and not have to think about baby food or waking up or anything like that. I missed Grace so much though!
Rupert leaves tomorrow for a week in the US - to help me out, my Mum is coming down to stay for a couple of weeks as I have a bit of stuff going on at work and need the flexibility with the tax changes coming up. So, that should be fun - Mum gets to hang out with Grace and spend some quality time with her, and I get a bit of leeway to get things done.
Grace also got her first report - from swimming school. It says she has mastered "confidence in the water" and everything else is developing, or being attempted. Then the teacher's comment says "Grace is a little sweetheart and it's a pleasure to see how much she enjoys swiming and doing all the different activities with her mum." I was so proud!

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