Sunday, August 01, 2010


It's been a very busy couple of weeks! Rupert got home from Aussie, much to my relief, it was so good to have him back. Then his parents came up last weekend from the South Island - was lovely to see them and for them to meet Grace for the first time. Beryl spoiled Grace with some lovely clothes, including a gorgeous red anorak I can't wait to see her in later. We mainly had quiet time at home as I was coming down with a cold, but did have a lovely lunch in Devonport and Grace was great, and very well behaved!

After that the cold really hit me - as did a day or two of nausea and vomiting. Rupes was a star, coming home from work early on the Monday when I really couldn't stop being sick long enough to look after wee Grace, and he slept upstairs with Grace during the week so I could get a bit of extra sleep. Feeling better now, but still have an annoying cough.

We also went to our first swim class - so much fun, Grace was a natural and loved the water, going under quite a few times and enjoying the singing and floating and seeing the other babies. She is such a sociable wee thing (at this stage anyway) and was quite fascinated with touching the hair and face of Marshall (who lives next door and is 2 years older).

Rupes is away again this weekend, but only till late on Monday, so it's not too bad. Grace and I have been having lots of quiet snuggles, but she has discovered that if she bangs one thing against another she makes NOISE! And yes, she loves that :-) The jolly jumper is definately the favourite activity at the moment, and she is almost sitting up on her own. Daytime naps are now few and far between - and often very short - but she usually sleeps through the night till 5 or 5.30am. work is cut out for me keeping a very active baby amused, safe, and fed - she is now on three solid meals a day plus formula. So far we don't seem to have given her anything she doesn't like which is good news!

Right. That's the update. A busy week at work ahead for me with month end so Grace is going into daycare for an extra day on Monday - and then things should ease off a little for us. Fingers crossed!


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