Monday, July 05, 2010


I really hate winter. Just hate being cold, hate the rain, hate the lack of sunshine.

On Thursday it was month end - the big day for me at the office...and while Grace had a snuffly cold, she didn't have a temperature or anything else, so Rupes took her to daycare while I went to work early. When he picked her up they said she had started a temperature in the afternoon, so he took her straight to the doctors - we'd been told bronchiolitis was going around, and sure enough that's what she had. It was a long night - checking her every 1-2 hours to make sure she was breathing ok - otherwise we would have had to rush her into hospital for oxygen.

Thankfully, the humidifer, ventolin and nose drops seemed to do the trick and while she still isn't 100% she is certainly better. I am keeping her home all week, just to give her time to recover. I might need the time to recover too - Rupes is away Wednesday and Thursday and he is the MASTER settler in this house - particularly in the evenings when she is a little overtired. I think I will be just going to sleep when Grace does at night!

The funny thing is that even when she is not well, she is still mostly very happy, which is lovely and does make life a little easier. Today for some reason was a tough one - I think her cough woke her up a few times so we had lots of short naps and grizzly wake ups. In development news, lots of rolling over - and rolling back again now, as well as trying to turn the pages of the books we read to her. Oh and she is definately ticklish and her chortle is enough to make the most hard hearted laugh! I put her down on the mat and within a few minutes she has rolled over and wiggled herself right off it - I think I am going to have my work cut out for me. She is having a taste of solids each lunch time - so far pureed pear and today's delight was sweetcorn and pumpkin. She's not too fussed about it quite yet - so just a little each time.

So...that's Grace. Happy, laughing, cute and funny, occasionally challenging and unsettled, mostly healthy but sometimes just under the weather. And in winter - aren't we all?


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