Saturday, June 05, 2010

The week that was...

What a week! Firstly, Grace had two full days at daycare (7.30 to 3.30) and loved it! Both days when I arrived to pick her up she was happy and smiling - the staff seem to love her too and call her "happy girl" - due to all the smiling. The first day was Tuesday and I was a little on edge all day at the office wondering how she was doing, but I felt much calmer on Friday. They take very good care of her, and fill in a wee diary so I can see what she has been doing and how much she has eaten or slept during the day.

Then, on Thursday evening she was down on her playmat - and rolled over! She looked so pleased with herself - we put her onto her back again and she did it six more times! Since then, practically every time she is on her back, over she goes! It's so cute...and when she is on her tummy the little legs are going crazy and the bum goes up - not long till she starts to crawl and then I am in big trouble!

This morning after her feed, she and I were playing on the bed. And she had a wee cough and I smiled and she smiled and then she laughed! A real baby chuckle. So I laughed at her and she laughed at me - it was lovely. That went on for a few minutes hehe. So many milestones, coming so quickly! She snuggles in for cuddles now, and is so happy and content - we've had hardly any crying this week at all, and I pop her in her cot for her sleeps and she just chats to herself before falling asleep on her own.

So, all in all, life is really good. We have some folks coming over today to see if they want to take Toby, our black lab. Long story but if we do find a new home for him I'll explain more - sad about it, but the best decision.

Quiet day at home today, then into the office tomorrow to finish my catching up from 5 months working from home, then Monday is a holiday so time to hang out with Grace and Rupert.


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