Friday, April 04, 2008

Fun Running...or is it?

Well, as per my last post I had hoped for 45 minutes for my first fun run/walk. It was a lovely morning, not too hot, and I was incredibly nervous. There were a lot of people - 1,000 there either doing a 5km or a 10km run or walk - or a little of both. So, the 10km guys took off, Rupes and Muzz amongst them, and Carole and I lined up for the 5km start. And there was the first shock - everyone started RUNNING! Or at the very least jogging...well, what is a girl to do? Jog along with them I guess.

So, in the end I jogged a lot more than I thought I could (mainly to try and keep up with people in front of me, and overtake the odd person just to see how it felt) and came across the finish line at 42.23 minutes. Wow. A personal best! Ok, admittedly, it's not hard to have a personal best when you've never done it before...but it was quite nice beating Carole! Though I suspect she will turn the tables in three weeks at the next Run Auckland event.

I felt pretty good afterwards. Tired, a bit sore, but nothing too major. Rupert on the other hand was shattered, mainly because we stopped at the supermarket on the way home and he shopped while I stayed in the car. And when he returned with the groceries, it was to find that I had flattened the battery (in my defence, I was listening to the radio, and didn't realise the air con was on as well!) He then had to run 4kms home to get his car and come back to jump start mine!
Rupes did his 10kms in 55 minutes, and Murray was just behind him, so they did pretty well.

So, when my co worker Cindy said to me earlier today that we should do the Devonport Classic 5km run/walk this weekend I got all enthusiastic. And entered. So she is going to run it, and I am going to walk/jog it. Oh dear, is this the start of something addictive?

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