Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lazy Weekend...

Well, the boy had to fly down to Christchurch for the weekend - partly work, and a good chance to see his parents and their new house. I've been a bit under the weather this week with a flu bug, so I have had a very lazy weekend. Lots of curling up and reading, naps, and apart from a coffee with some friends yesterday, I haven't left the house. Of course, the dogs have had their walks and play at the park, and the bed was just a little crowded last night, me, two dogs and two cats all snoozing happily. My only excuse was that it was a very cold night!

A friend of ours is also doing IVF, and this would have been her second cycle. Her husband mentioned it to Rupes the other day, that they had stopped the cycle - but gave no reason. I called her and left a message saying I was really sorry, that cancelled cycles basically suck, and to call if she wanted to talk. So, imagine my surprise when she called back to tell me that the treatment was stopped as she was pregnant! Naturally pregnant! Look Mum no drugs! She's coming up on 8 weeks and I am crossing everything for her that she has a totally boring 7 months ahead of her. I guess the doctors don't know it all...and there is always a chance of conception without IVF...that's a hopeful thought.

In blog land a blogger I adore is having a rough time. If you get the chance, pop over and give her some comments and support - she's a neat lady, and deserves an easier ride than she is getting...

I'm crossing my fingers...and sending good Kiwi vibes to her.

Apart from the flu, I am feeling pretty good. Just a bit tired, and I am really not enjoying the cold weather - it makes me want to hibernate. The dogs are a great excuse and reason to get out in the fresh air and freeze my tootsies off, and they enjoy their park time so much. Last night there were 13 dogs at the park - everything from chihuahuas to german shepherds. Much fun was had by all.

That's about it - no major news. Hope everyone out there is well and happy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Blog Crawl

When nothing much is happening in my life, I do the blog crawl. I've got a list of blogs I visit - folks I have come to know through their blogs, their IF challenges, and right now a lot of them are pregnant. It's so very cool - and in my newsgroup (alt.infertility.primary) I've watched and lurked while one and then another and then another "graduate" to the next stage. I read about their scans, and how big they are getting - and it's hopeful. It's a funny thing - I feel sad sometimes, just at the instant I hear someone is pregnant, and then I feel hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I might be next. And I love seeing them post pics of their baby bumps!

So, I am still taking the naturopath stuff. Ugh. The taste of the liquid stuff does NOT get any better - and each morning and evening you'll hear a gagging noise in the kitchen as I swallow my spoonful and follow it up with four or five shots of yoghurt to soothe my burning throat and take away the taste. Even hubby says yuck as he can smell it! Haven't noticed any major changes as yet, though I am feeling a wee bit more energetic, though we had a late night last week at a work function, and I definately don't get over hangovers the way I used to when I was young!

In other news, Jack is great. He is sleeping through the night (although I do get a cold wet lab nose on my face when he tries to get up on the bed in the wee small hours!). Katie is lovely as always but embarrassed me at the park the other day by going nuts and barking at a man in a hat. Note to self - wear a hat around the house in the evenings so she gets used to it. It's been pretty cold so the cats are sneaking back inside - though our big cat, Dream, does NOT like Jack and he has been the victim of several swipes for just sitting somewhere! Hubby is still running lots and has a couple of half marathons coming up. Sorry, but you just could not get me outside in this cold weather wearing shorts and a singlet. Rent me a treadmill though, and I'll be as happy as Larry - whoever he was.

Oh and for my Kiwi audience, and you read it here first: Team NZ, now the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup and with the right to challenge Alinghi from Switzerland for the America's Cup, will win. I am picking a final score of 5-2, so watch this space!

Finally, in the "oh my gosh what a nice thing to do" category, one of my workmates (she has a gorgeous wee girl, and last year when I was doing my IVF we were trying to get preggers together) told me that she has nominated me for a competition run by a radio station - $10k in cash and lots of baby goodies for a pregnant, or trying to get pregnant mother. She thinks it's positive thinking - I just thought hmmm...that could pay for another IVF! It's a lovely thing to do, even if I don't win (and if I do, I promise to slip her some of the nappies!)

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