Monday, February 15, 2010

One month old

Today our wee Grace is one month old. Where has the time gone? I am ever grateful that I was blessed with this experience - each day with her is like a gift. She really is the most beautiful baby, and I remind myself daily how lucky we are to have her.

Things I have learned in the first month:

You can never have too many cloth nappies - even when you are using disposables.

Nothing is better than cuddling your crying baby and having her quiet immediately.

Wind is the bane of all babies and mothers!

A smile at 3am makes the lack of sleep worth it.

Family and friends are wonderful - sharing the joy with us, and giving us advice and tips.

You can love someone so completely that nothing is a problem. Nothing.

Husbands are the best, even putting up with you when you are grumpy and tired in the evenings and taking care of everything that you can't quite manage.

Breastfeeding is fantastic in so many ways, I am so glad I haven't had any problems.

Having a baby, watching her grow and change and learn is a miracle. I am so thankful.


Blogger edenland said...

Oh Pix I love that photo. Just beautiful. (Your nails are beautiful too!!)

I'm thrilled for you and your beautiful wee one, really. I love when Universe gets it right!!! Grace is so very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful and caring mother.


2:51 PM  

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