Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahh yes...

Folks have been warning us that things might not always go so smoothly. I hate it when folks are right!

On Tuesday morning Grace was unsettled and grizzly...definately wind in the lower bowel, her wee tummy was bloated and her legs were kicking and drawn up. We went into the office but only lasted till 12 then I brought her home. All she wanted to do was feed - then she would fall asleep on the breast, then I would put her down for a nap - and 15 minutes later she would be crying and grizzling again. I tried everything - a ride in the car, a buggy walk, a bath. Tummy time, lots of massage, gripe water. That pretty much went on all of Tuesday night and during the day on Wednesday - some longer naps, but nothing more than an hour. Poor wee Grace, she was getting so overtired - as was her mother! Finally, on Wednesday evening we did the hardest thing ever - put her in her bassinet and let her cry herself to sleep. It took 20 minutes - 15 of which I spent in the shower so I couldn't hear her.

The good thing was that once she was asleep she went back into her four hour night routine and three hour day routine (it's not quite that perfect, but pretty close!). What a relief. I feel like I passed a bit of an acid test - I'm not at my best when tired, but I coped pretty well, apart from a few quiet weary tears. She's been good since - though we are giving her gripe water with every second feed which seems to be helping. She's obviously inherited her mother's digestive system!

We had our first Plunket visit yesterday (for those overseas, Plunket is the organisation in NZ that keeps an eye on babies from newborn up to when they are 5 years old - they run courses and nurses visit or you attend clinics so your baby can be measured, weighed etc and any problems you have can be sorted). Grace is now officially 4.02 kgs, 55 cm long and her head circumference is 37cm. So another good week of growth.

And in great news, it is cooler! We have had awful humidity the last few weeks and it's so nice that it is now a bit cooler - Grace actually wore a onesie yesterday when we went to the library. First time she's worn anything but a nappy, and occasionally a vest or t shirt. She looked very stylish in her stripy outfit, though I did manage to lose a sock between the house and the car!


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