Friday, September 22, 2006

Holiday Photo 5

Cat and I at the entrance to Lake Cave. While we saw some amazing things over in Western Aussie, one really good part of the trip was spending some time with my very cool sister in law. We've always had a long distance relationship, with a couple of short meetings, so it was fun to really get to know her.

And of course, spending time with Rupert. I think we really needed the break and we had a great time together.It's nice to be home again though - and you should see how Katie has grown since we were away! Posted by Picasa

Holiday Photo 4

Down in Lake Cave, near Margaret River, where we spent a very enjoyable weekend. Cat took us to a few wineries (including one called Xanadu, for those who know me well enough to know my Olivia Newton John fandom!) It's a lovely area - we bought/tried/ate/drank a number of yummy things - wine, coffee, liqeuer, venison, bread, sheep's cheese...all of it good.

300 steps down into Lake Cave, and 300 back out. We did the Leeuwin Lighthouse with another few hundred steps and worked off all that tasting! Posted by Picasa

Holiday Photo 3

One of our favourite days - Rottnest Island. We walked miles that day, around probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Rupes even went up for a scenic flight, while I made friends with the Quokka's - small rat like wallaby things. I'd like to have brought one home! Posted by Picasa

Holiday Photo 2

Me (left) and Cat at Araluen Botanical Gardens. Cat was an amazing host - lovely dinners, all the good places to go in Perth and beyond, and a great library for bed time reading! Thanks Cat, see you at Christmas! Posted by Picasa

Holiday Photos

Just a few I promise! Here's me meeting the wildlife on a golf course (thanks to our intrepid tourguide Cat, who managed to save us from being run down by the evil golf cart driving woman telling us off!) Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006

Holiday Time...

The last few weeks have been busy - which has helped some with the sadness and grief and thinking about what to do next. I feel like I really need this break before we make any decisions, so am rather looking forward to getting on the plane tomorrow and heading off for some fun and laughter and sun and shopping and eating and of course, a fair bit of wine!

I'll post a couple of photos when we get back in two weeks time, and may even blog a little from Perth if I can get it working! In the meantime, all of you out there in blog world and my real world, take care and don't work too hard :-)

By the way - today is our six year wedding anniversary. He's a keeper, that's for sure, so I figure we'll be aimng for seven years married.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Shot...

We had two stumps remaining on either side of the plum tree, so rather than having them ground out I painted terracotta pots to match the fence and planted them up with flowers.

It means I can change the colours each season (and I've got nowhere else to plant pretty annuals so it's perfect)... Posted by Picasa

A finished project...

Well, almost...a few more plants to go in over the next few months! But this replaces a hideous low concrete fence with a bark covered, clay, strip garden. It was a pretty hard slog this weekend - three cubic metres of compost to move and contour, but it looks so pretty now it's finished.

It's nice to have things like this to do, and see completed. This particular project has probably been in progress for around six months - digging out the garden shape and all the crap clay soil, pulling out and smashing the concrete fence (with help from friends!), having the fence built and then painting it. And then finally, the chance to spend the garden vouchers I've been saving for the last two years. So, next weekend we fly to Perth for our holiday, and then back to see how the garden has grown since we've been away! Posted by Picasa

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